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A new meaning to computer repair Hoffman Estates

By on Apr 8, 2016 in Computer Repair Hoffman Estates | 3 comments

Computer Repair Hoffman Estates Over the years, Hoffman Estates has seen an increase in technological presence. Tiger Direct had moved into town and set up a large retail space where they sold TVs, computers, electronics, smartphones and more. Tiger Direct later changed hands and became COMPUSA which is a brand that we thought had heard the last of. Tiger Direct...

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Smartphone repair on the rise in Hoffman Estates

By on Apr 7, 2016 in computer repair news | 2 comments

Smartphone Repair is on the rise in Hoffman Estates Where do you take your smartphone when it’s broken? To Best Buy? Do you take your phone to the phone store where you got it from? Most phone users will take their phones back to the place of purchase according to a Geek Squad. In fact, if you ask your friends you might find this to be true for you as well....

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