Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair in Hoffman Estates

Spilled coffee on your keyboard? Computer doesn’t seem to be charging? Overheating issues? These are all common issues we face with computers. Fortunately Zombie Techs Computer & Cell Phone Repair has solutions to all of these problems. Our technicians are experts trained in motherboard repair, dc jack repair, and BGA reballing (some of the most complex issues faced with motherboard repair). There’s never been a more reliable and affordable provider for these services in the Northwest Suburbs until now. If you are having motherboard or power issues with your computer, stop by our store location for a free over the counter check up. Some issues can be identified immediately and fixed same day.

Isn’t It Better Just To Buy A New Computer?

Ultimately, the decision is yours but in almost all cases it is cheaper to have your motherboard repaired by our professionally trained computer repair technicians in Hoffman Estates. If you’d like an opinion, feel free to stop by our store location in Hoffman Estates or Palatine. Have you been told by the Geeks at major electronics stores that it’s cheaper to buy a new computer? Or that your motherboard repair will cost $500 or more? They also haven’t told you that if you proceed with the repairs they will be using refurbished and used components to fix your computer and maximize their own profits. The good news is that you don’t need to spend your money with them for ridiculously overpriced repairs. The experts at Zombie Techs can fix nearly any motherboard issue for less than half of what they charge (and we offer better warranties).

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