A new meaning to computer repair Hoffman Estates

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Computer Repair Hoffman Estates

Over the years, Hoffman Estates has seen an increase in technological presence. Tiger Direct had moved into town and set up a large retail space where they sold TVs, computers, electronics, smartphones and more. Tiger Direct later changed hands and became COMPUSA which is a brand that we thought had heard the last of. Tiger Direct provided local computer repair in Hoffman Estates and while their services were not as sophisticated as modern PC repair shops, Tiger Direct was still a valuable asset to the local population. Today Tiger Direct and COMPUSA have closed that retail space in Hoffman Estates and they are no more. Various reports online confirmed that Tiger Direct was planning to box up their retail stores and offer a purely online service and offer fulfillment through shipping or local pickup at their Naperville location. Many, including myself, fear that consolidating to their warehouse could be a bad look for the company and not help to promote their image. The major competitor for Tiger Direct in that space is Newegg.com.

computer repair hoffman estates

If you’re currently looking for a computer repair service in Hoffman Estates, we highly recommend Zombie Techs Computer Repair in Schaumburg. Zombie Techs is located just 5 minutes away from Tiger Direct on Algonquin road next to Motorola Corporate and Harper College. Just click on this link to visit the main page of the website. Zombie Techs offers local computer, cell phone, and smartphone repair services. Call or stop by the store location in Schaumburg for a free consultation on your next computer or laptop repair in Hoffman Estates.